CEO Message

Cassiopeia General Trading is a limited liability company specialized in general contracting, the construction of buildings, infrastructure, Trading, Transportation, Oil Services & Commercial Agencies, as well as operations and maintenance.

Brilliant Insights Towards a Bright Future

Cassiopeia General Trading has founded with the objective to distinguish itself and be the leader in the market with the principle of investing in to technology and people.

In the course of our long journey we have accepted and adapted to the rapid changes in contracting field and work market with considerable ease. In our relentless search for excellence we have never lost sight of the customer, whose uncompromised satisfaction has and will always be our primary objective.

Cassiopeia General Trading has shown sustainable growth since founded and as been a well known name demanded in Iraqi engineering companies Our modern company is established with the experience of its founders and long cadres and their ambition to register new successes recorded through this company to be named among the firm companies. Our ambitions and hopes on paper, and with your cooperation and support will become a reality. Our goal is to provide excellent engineering work with high quality work.

Our cadres are classified according to their experience and responsibilities, starting with the management of the company. They are well experienced in managing the business. Engineers are classified according to their expertise in terms of concrete, concrete works, insulation work, painting, scaffolding, electrical works, mechanical works, Quality control engineers with good experience of the requirements of oil companies, providing an engineer to calculate quantities and pricing to facilitate the work of the advances on a monthly basis, supported by all the drawings and accounts required to prove the validity of the advance numbers, and thus the cadres.

A Statement We Go By

"The price of success is hard work, dedication to the job at hand, and the determination that whether we win or lose, we have applied the best of ourselves to the task at hand."